Fine-tuning & restoration of the BOSCH MFI Pump

In-house fine tuning and repairing the famous Bosch "MFI" fuel pump.Using our custom bench we can revision this pump back to original BOSCH specifications or modify the map or 3D cam to match your tuned engine. 

Originally introduced on the 906 sports racer, the MFI fuel pump (developed by Kugelfischer and later built by Bosch) was later fitted to the 911R before making its road-going debut on the 2.0-litre Porsche 911S of 1969.Built in an age before electronic sensors, the MFI pump uses a series of mechanical ‘sensors’ to create an ever-changing fuel map based on throttle position, engine speed and barometric pressure.

Injected at a pressure of between 225-250psi, the increased injection pressure of the MFI unit (compared to a carburettor) creates greater atomisation of the fuel. The result of this is a more even flame front during ignition, producing more efficient combustion.


The pump fulfills the manufacturers specifications in all aspects after our overhaul. In the course of this revision, it is possible to change the type of pump, e.g. from "E" to "S" or from 2.4T to 2.7RS. The space cam and thus the map can be changed individually by us.