"No longer available" no more

NLA or No Longer Available is an ever-growing problem on classic cars. With new technology and production methods this is no longer an issue for us! See this 959 for example...

We're continuously on a world wide search for 2nd hand parts. Every now and then there's a part that is so rare that is impossible to find. 

This 959, for example, has a very special knob on the gear lever, with a 'G' as first gear ('Gelände' or off road in German). On this particular example this small part was lost or stolen during its life, leaving an ugly hole. With just 292 cars ever produced, chances on finding this are extremely low. 

This part is digitally designed by RSC Automobile  and reproduced through Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing. It's printed in nylon - polyamide (PA12) and dyed black in the mass.  After some final testing and readjusting the part went in production. The rough surface received some final finishes and treatment before installation.

Interested in this or other parts? Get in touch! ;)